The Flying Welshman is my personal blog for posting my experiences, rants, thoughts, and photos as I teach English and travel across the world.  It was established August 14th, 2010 by my friend Ronald Bow since I’m utterly incapable of claiming a domain name.  Much to both our surprises, this domain name was not taken and so was born The Flying Welshman.  The name, while I would love to lay claim to it, is credited to my friend Alexander Szymanski who is somewhat more than slightly pleased that the nickname found a place.

My name is Graeme Jones, I am 28 years old from Vancouver, Canada and I am an ESL teacher.  Teaching English is not where I thought things would go, but I intend to make something out of it and help a few people along the way.  I hope anyone who reads this finds it entertaining, informative, or just plain funny.  It contains equal parts geek, teacher, student, son, and adventurer.  The older posts all relate to my  experiences in China and more recent posts relate to some time I spent in Europe touring and backpacking.

Now I’m a teacher in the small town of Yokkaichi, Japan.  The Company has me in this sleepy town and the most recent posts have to do with this most recent adventure.



I am an avid computer gamer, Magic the Gathering player, hockey and curling enthusiast and general trouble maker with a slight coffee and beer obsession(slight might be an understatement).  Feel free to post questions or thoughts on my website and I’ll answer whenever I can.

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  1. Hey Graeme: Just had lunch with your mom and she pointed me to your site. Hope you don’t mind me lurking. Sarah

  2. I call this Food Porn.. in case you have time to do more ambitious cooking..

    Christine has recipe in Chinese and English

    Here’s some links to Harmonica Lessons.. maybe you can see them

    As you know, I have a lot of time for research.. let me know if these links work where you are..

    Cheers, S

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