Today I got Really Freaking Annoyed

I’ve never particularly cared about my hair.  I know that my sister would probably disagree considering the number of questions I’ve asked her about hair care.  Some of my friends might also disagree considering the number of experimentations I’ve done on those cursed curls camped out on the top of head.  But truth be told, I don’t care about them. I care more about my appearance since appearances are disgustingly important in real life.  And since my appearance is important I’ve taken steps from time to time to improve it with the tools I have available.

Sometimes this has been gel, moose, or other ridiculous styling creams.  Other times it’s been a combination of a hair brush and my will versus an uncaring genetic structure.  Today, that process was impeded.

I go up early because I went through the trouble of reading up on and checking at a local barbers for the opening time of hair salons, barbers and hairdressers in Japan.  They open at 8:00 for barbers and 9:00 for the hair salons, supposedly.  Apparently these times are about as useful as an inflatable dart board.  I rode my bike to the barber shop and found it closed.  Undeterred and considering that it might simply be closed on a Tuesday, I   biked over to a salon that should also supposedly be open near my work.  It wasn’t open either despite their sandwich board saying 8:00 am and their window sign also saying the same.

This continued for six other places over the course of two hours and I biked my ass through side streets, small parks, bridges and through crowds of people going to work discovering a distinct inability to find a hairdresser prepared to cut this poor excuse for a mop on my head.  Was I going crazy? Do shearers of mammalian hair take Tuesdays as their day of respite from the tragically painful world of hair styling?  “How could I have missed this?” I thought.  No blog or webpage mentioned anything akin to a coordinated day off for them, so what was I missing?

I messaged a co worker about this conundrum before cycling home.  She wasn’t surprised and told me that they usually close on Mondays.  She embraced my confusion when I reminded her it wasn’t Monday.  My exact words to her went as follows:

“Okay.  Srsly. I’ve been to eight different salons barbers and or hair dressers and ALL of them have been closed.  It’s like a bat signal went out to warn them that my fro is on the prowl for a cleaning, so they all in a coordinated effort closed up shop as I left my apartment.  wtf”

And seriously.  WTF.  I still don’t know why they all closed up today.  I went back to the barber shops two more times hoping to save some money on a hair cut to no avail.  After giving up all hope of getting a hair cut on my DAY OFF(yes, I’m still really bloody annoyed) and to cease impersonating an extra from Con Air that I spied my saviour.  On a road I’ve never taken next to a nondescript building and parking lot was a open hair dresser with one little lady who had zero English capabilities.  After meandering my way through the opening “Konichiwa” and explaining how much hair I wanted cut with a ruler because percentage explanations failed, I got this birds nest cleaned up with a few extra “motto”s and hand gestures.

It cost my 30 bucks and it’s a good cut.  I think I’ll go back in the future.

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