Three Stories

The Bike

So I’ve decided I don’t like walking to work like someone who doesn’t have a bicycle(Okay, I might not be good at analogies).  So the other day I went into the local shopping arcade and got the tires filled up on my sweet new bike:


This isn’t my actual bike This one is a little newer, cleaner, less broken, and also 100% more a download off Google Image Search.  It’s pretty much my bike honestly, well, I say MY bike.  I got it given to me by a fellow Canadian who happened to have an extra one lying around.  So I guess it is, but I really look at it as a loan.

It makes getting to work a lot easier, my 20 minute walk is now a 5 minute bike ride.  If I could use this bike to get around even more I would, but the gear shift is broken, the seat keeps sinking, and it makes this weird sound in the rain that makes me think I’m being followed by a clown squeezing a horn.  And I honestly wouldn’t go and buy another one even if someone gave me the cash for one.  This thing has so much character I can’t be rid of it, the hipster in me just can’t do it.


The Suit

Turns out buying clothes here is already better than China.  There is literally an oversized clothing store in batting distance of my house.  AOKI is a fairly large clothing store in these parts that sells everything from inexpensive casual clothes to decent suits.  I can’t say I got a great suit for a couple reasons, but it does the job.

So it’s a grey pin stripe suit jacket and pants and here’s the short of it(pun very much intended, you’ll see why in a minute). The sizes are awkward.  I’m just a little too tall for the largest size a normal suit shop carries, I’m a little too narrow for the smallest size in the oversized store, and my arms are too long for a suit that’s a great fit in the shoulders and chest.  But I needed a suit that works in the spring and summer and comes with pants as I got my previous suit jackets pantsless(Okay that sounded better in my head.  I have pants, the suits don’t. Yes I wear pants to work. Stop giggling now).

It’s good around the chest and the length is good for my torso.  The downside is the arms for which it’s about an inch or so too short so my shirts stick out enough that it bothers me but probably no one else.  It’s the first complete suit I’ve ever bought and I just hope I don’t get to small for it like I did to my wardrobe in China.


The Tablet

When I got my internet plan it came with a free ASUS tablet.  Normally I don’t complain about free stuff, but I’m not a glutton for technology.  I don’t need a tablet, even a free one.  My phone is in the category called phablets: half phone, half tablet, half man killing machine from the future sent to kill John Conner.


my phone is marginally smaller than the tablet and runs the same software anyways, so what the bloody hell am I going to do with a tablet?  Well let me tell you what I did.


It’s a clock now!  And a weather lady! And a little too bright at night when I’m trying to sleep!  But there we go, it’s now a clock for my clockless apartment which I can’t really get a wall clock for because I’m not aloud to hang stuff from the walls, put anything on the walls, or modify the apartment in anyway because that counts as “damages” for when I move out.  I’m surprised they didn’t give me a list of problems with things like marriage concerns and the dispensation of calico cats for landowners under the age of 37.


Seriously, the rules out here make me want to shout and scream sometimes.  Maybe I should sometime.


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