The Non-Stick Frying Pan Amplification

Let’s talk about food for a minute.  I know, shocking.  Me wanting to talk about food.  Alert the media, call for back up and prepare the canaries: Graeme’s going to discuss food!

Snark aside, feeding myself in Japan has been quite the experience.  Food is amazingly cheap for a first world country.  Roughly speaking, I’ve been putting together lunches and dinners for about 2.50 – 3.00 $.  I can buy a bento box for 3.50 – 4.00 $, if it’s after 8:00 I can get them for half price.  Seriously, it’s a thousand times better than the prepared food we get in Canada and the US and it’s got everything you want. If I’m picky, I can even buy it in separate portions and put them together myself.

Here’s what I’ve been cooking.


Lots of rice.  So much rice.  Rice everywhere.  It was snowing the other day and my first thought was “oh look it’s raining rice”.  I’ve been boiling it, stir frying it, pan frying it, turning it into risotto, frying it like a pancake, toasting it first and then boiling it. I don’t have a rice cooker yet for some reason, I’m not entirely sure why but this is how things have gone.


As it’s best for my sanity, I went searching for dried pasta and found some in the supermarket.  Never enjoyed pasta so much in my life.  For a time I’d forgotten what the taste of pasta is like.  I’m not in the range of producing lasagna any time soon, but at least I’m now in range of producing mac and cheese.  This particular meal was pasta, miso soup, and some sliced tiny hot dog thingies that floated on top of the soup like pink UFO’s searching for people to probe.  Also: bacon!


I found some bacon for cheap at a different supermarket so I decided to try making something different.


Added in some shredded tofu and toasted/boiled rice…


And topped it off with packaged curry sauce and some tempura. Lovely meal that would have made any chef worth his sauce hack me to bits with their boning knife for mixing all this together.  My answer to anyone who disagrees with this meal: bacon. Marvelous amazing bacon.

I do miss beef though. Beef is easily the most expensive meat at the supermarket.  Sashimi is moderately priced, seafood in general is moderately priced. Pork too.  Chicken is the cheap stuff.  But beef for some reason is very expensive.  I think the cheapest steak I found was 20 bucks for 6 oz.  Haven’t seen any lamb yet, or duck which is nowhere to be seen.  Maybe they should import some more Chinese so they can open a proper BBQ shop.  Dear god if there is one in this town, I might have to move upstairs of it.


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