The Cast of The Company

I’ve taken to calling the people I’m working with as “The Company”, mostly because it’s somewhere in that tome of a legal contract that I shouldn’t mention The Company’s name in a variety of imaginative situations. It’s really not a big deal since it’s on my Facebook profile, but I’ll maintain the mysterious visage of “The Company” here.  I’m mostly teaching small classes of a few students in some clean and snazzy rooms.  My manager asked me not to share pictures of the classrooms, so I shan’t.  But everyone agreed to pose for the camera, so I have some pictures of the fellow members of The Company to share.  I’ve also pixelated the company name so I hope SOMEONE appreciates it.


First up is Ai the local school manager who spends a lot of time putting together the weekly schedule and administrating the various paperwork floating around the office.  Her English is unfortunately the least of us, but she’s good at her job and maintaining the office.  She’s the one who met me at the station and helped me grab stuff for my apartment.  She’s been crazy helpful.



Up next, we have Hiroko: a former airplane stewardess who’s changed jobs into the teaching field.  She’s an older lady and the office is more the speed she’s been looking for I think.  She’s also laser focused at work and she is from the old school of Japan.  She frequently over explains a lot things she’d like done. However, she’s nice to work with, always happy and very well travelled.  She does front desk work and counselling work to get us new students and answering questions from parents.



There’re two Japanese teachers at this school, which is odd because I honestly expected three or more, but the work I’d sometimes expect for three is done by Yuu and Aiyumi.  They teach any adult students whose English hasn’t advanced enough for an entry level class with a foreign teacher.  The rule is no Japanese from the foreign teachers so the students need to reach a certain minimum before entering my presence! They also teach the little rug rats most of the time which is an incredible load off of me and I’m endlessly grateful for it.  I can only teach kids so much each day(and I’m honestly not great at it), so them being there is VERY important.

DSCF0074 DSCF0063


And the other foreign teacher at the school is Jackie, an American from Chicago.  She’s quiet and keeps to herself, but she’s a great teacher and has the stamina to do this job.  She’s been here for almost 2 years so she’s got the skill(I know as I  observed a few classes of hers before they sent me solo out of the bullpen.  I wish I could say more, but she really is that quiet.



It’s not often I get to work with a great set of people.  I’ve found it odd that there’s aren’t any other men working here, especially since the numbers in the company are 80% men among foreign teachers, and 80% women among Japanese teachers(The company has apparently won several awards for their policy for hiring women and the number of women in management positions). It’s small here, but they’re an amazing bunch and I’m happy working with them.  Well, I’m happy working with them, but I hate drinking alone so it would be nice if they went out once in a while.  Drinking is very important part of…well it’s important.  Important enough that everyone should go drinking with other people at least once.



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