Now Broadcasting from the Ground Floor

So I thought it was about time that I shared my new digs.  It’s larger than I had expected, but my expectations we’re pretty low and on the small size.  Everything in Japan is smaller.  13 meters-ish long, 5 meters wide.  The bathroom and WC are separate, there are only two rooms really tat are about the same size.  One is my bedroom and dining room, and the other is my WC, bathroom, hallway and kitchenette which also happens to have my washing machine in it.  To be honest I sort of wish it were all one room, but hey, it’s bigger than expected!

DSCF0053  DSCF0055

I definitely like it better than my up scale dorm room in China.  It’s not so big than the few things I have simply make it feel empty and the it’s not so small that I feel cramped.  Well, at least when I’m not in the shower.  The shower is really cramped.  I’m confident saying that, much like a fat man in a banana hammock, it’s a little small.  I can’t turn round fully without banging up against the curtain bar,  the shower head doesn’t go high enough for my to get in under it without bending over, and the hot waters’ more temperamental than a Dr. Who fan discovering an continuity error.

I should find a plant, or harass my landlord into letting me have a cat.  or both!  Any of you know me will probably guess my preference in those options. A dog isn’t feasible with me spending 10 hrs a day working. At least a cat won’t go stir crazy.  I really wish I had a grill though.

Not for the cat, in case any of you were worried about that train of thought.




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