Living in Interesting Times

So in the new year, this blog will finally be a thing once again(if it ever was a thing for anyone other than my troubled psyche).  I’ve been offered a job in Japan!  The job is in Yokkaichi City in the Mie prefecture of Not-Tokyo-or-Osaka Japan, and it’s doing the job I really do enjoy more than any other job I’ve had: teaching ESL.

Yokkaichi sounds like a change only in culture: it has a similar weather pattern to Vancouver, similar yearly temperature, similar population to my area of the GVRD, but with decidedly less Graeme in it(a problem which I shall soon remedy).  I’ve decided to call this trip “The Flying Welshman: Living in Interesting Times” mostly because I’ve always found the curse to be very poetic. The runners up met my pun-quotient, but seemed in poor taste.  They included:

1) Japan: I Knew I’d Get There Sumo or Later

2) The Flying Welshman: The Anime-ted Series

3) The Flying Welshman’s I’ll Never Let You Gyoza Adventure

4) The Flying Welshman’s Pink Sake Safari

5) The Flying Welshman Does The Land of the Rising Sun

and (Insert drumroll here)

6) Japan: Approaching the Point of Nori-turn

As any reader or victim of my work and puns will know, these are not my worst.  On January 17th I will fly out of Vancouver and arrive in Narita on January 18th, just after tea time.  From there I have a week of orientation in or around Tokyo and then onto the school which I’ll be teaching at for the next year.

More to come as events warrant!

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