The Oxford Circus Localization

Its been a little while since I shared anything. Here’s some stuff of me in Europe


London stinks. I don’t mean this metaphorically, but literally. everywhere you go it smells kinda funky. especially in the world famous London Underground. Its hard to desribe, sort of, as a wise man once said, a monkey peed in battery acid. The pungent aroma of age. Well, I hope it’s age. It could be the queens socks.

On the other side of things, this city is a sight to behold. I cant help but be slightly overwhelmed by the same smelly age with respect to my eyeballs. Everything looks either old or breathtakingly modern. Especially from a distance, I’ll see more of them up close today.

Last night on e of our number got a bit lost after going to an underground death metal concert. This led to a couple discoveries: pubs are open to two, but the subway closes at twelve, you measure the city in streets, not blocks because so much of the city is winding and crazy, and that pot pies are incredible here.  Absolutely incredible. Which is especially good because our hostel has three pubs inpissing distance, two

out of three of which make me think going there at night will leave me four or more new holes I didn’t have before. Come for the pies,leave with a stabbing. Speaking of pies, there is no comparison. English pies are mindboggingly good, along with the fiwh and chips. It’s hard to imagine that a culture who invented all day farting because of beans for breakfast could manage anything gastronomically significant, but there it is. Also: the Guiness really is better here.





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