Jeezus the dust from these chalk boards gets everywhere.  I mean EVERYWHERE. I finish teaching for an afternoon and I’ve gone from clean six foot mop to abominable snowman.  This cannot be good for my lungs.  And the students don’t want to come near the board, they avoid it like the plague.   In fact, the general feel of everyone over here is a mentality of profound wussieness.   They avoid chalkboards unless they have to use them, they put on slippers when entering someones home, they wipe down a chair before sitting in it, desks are cleaned before use, and it goes on in little ways(Don’t get me started on consumer packaging out here).  Apparently the Japanese are a whole other kind of paranoid.

Two of the teachers have taught in Japan, and apparently they agree that even if a house is being burned down, the Japanese will take off their shoes and hop into slippers when entering with buckets of water.  They are so well trained that they have to think really hard to not take off their shoes for slippers.  I’ve mentioned how sheltered people are out here.  This is just another aspect of it.  My students fear so many little things that I honestly think they have a completely different definition of living than we do.  And for some of them, I don’t think they will ever live.

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