Now in Verse!

I got the package
I ate all of the cookies
The jeans are perfect

The weather is great
My hair is growing longer
but not my waist line

I’m out of coffee
The local stuff is costly
People drink instant

Dying to come home
I miss Vancouver weather
Hold on, I’m coming

4 thoughts on “Now in Verse!”

  1. well well aren’t we getting lyrical. Glad you enjoyed the package hope the tee;s fit. Did you take a chair onto the roof? How many stories up were you? The weather sucks here and oh yeah Montreal won the Grey Cup and georgia was very sad. She came over wearing the provincial flag. What a fan…………mark

    1. That she is. I kinda wish I had a Canadian flag to hang up. I’ll have to buy one. I was up 10 12 or 13 stories, but no chair. The tees fit and I ate all the cookies in about 2 minutes.

    1. Challenge Accepted!

      I lift my glass to your challenge good Ron,
      and throw back this shot sine qua non,
      but I warn you my friend,
      that limericks do tend,
      to detract from my inner Don Juan.

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