Starry Night

Sometimes I forget where I am.  Wait, that’s not right.  I always remember that I’m in China; sometimes I forget that I’m on another continent and at another orientation relative to the rotation of the planet.  What I’m getting at is that this is the first time I’ve gone looking at the stars.

I got sick this weekend after going to a American Thanksgiving dinner.  Thursday night was three firsts: sick in another country, Thanksgiving dinner in another country, and buying some Chinese liquor.  The liquor was better cold, but I broke the bottle the first day of being sick so that ends that(no I wasn’t drunk).  But back to the stars.

I finally went up to the roof of my building after spending the last 40 some odd hours in my apartment trying not to infect the other teachers.  Looking up at them, I saw a couple things: a red waxing moon,  stars, and a lot of light from the city.  My brain is telling me that I’m in the same hemisphere, but looking at the stars I feel like they’re all new and strange.  I tried taking some pictures, but I don’t have a proper camera.

Also, I went to the roof in a sweater.  I was hot.

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