The Chinese Booze Discovery

I finally found some.  Took me bloody long enough.  The bottle cost 35 quai, or about 6 bucks.  It’s got a funky cap on it which I think stops the good stuff from being removed with a syringe and replaced with crap.  Took me a minute to figure out it can’t be removed actually, it just pops up a bit when you pour.

Smells sweet, not like candy.  Not like pop, and I smell the liquor.  The bottle says 55% and guarantees to grow you some chest hair*.  Here goes.


Okay, it smells sweet but it doesn’t really taste sweet.  Fuck that is strong stuff.  I think me nose just cleared up.  And there goes that sore throat.  Definitely for sipping.  I’ll have to try it mixing or something because I’m pretty sure I could clean an airplane engine with this, not that it would be a good idea.  It does go down fairly easily, maybe I should try chilling it.  As for taste, reminds me a bit of vodka but without any kind of refinement.  Gonna chill it.  Will report back after it successfully chilled.

*Not in so many words.  In fact, it says it in one word.  55%.

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