What am I to do?

Now they decide to change things up.  It’s more than halfway through the semester, the sun is down by 6:30 PM, it’s pretty chilly by 7:00 PM, and the weather is starting to call for long sleeves.  Now the bloody freshman decide to get noisy in the halls and stairwells*.  Maybe in another month they’ll get – dare I say – rowdy?

*This is not a euphemism.  Seriously, the university has done a bang up job or making sure the only options for the students to get busy are limited to kicking 6 other people out a dorm room, breaking into a locked classroom, and going outside, which these wimps will think is about as reasonable as Jesus letting a woman be an apostle**.

**They would probably be embarrassingly good at it.

3 thoughts on “What am I to do?”

    1. I am happy they aren’t. But I’m also disappointed that they aren’t even a little more uppity and when I talk about some of the things we do, like the engineering department at UBC, they think we are terrible people.

  1. Don’t give them ideas like drop a paper bag of dog pop in someone’s door step, light it on fire, ring the door bell, then hide and watch.

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