The Rotating Chair Thief Anomaly

Meet Luchea*.

She is named after an Italian opera singer because of the set of lungs on this fur ball.  Ho boy can she meow.  She’s no homicidal psycho jungle cat, but she certainly has an adventurous streak.  I had her bounding around my dorm for an afternoon and she was climbing all over everything, exploring all the places she could and trying to bite all the electrical cords she could find.

At one point she decided that she wanted to sleep near me or on me, she never quite made up her mind.  In the first picture she was sleeping on my computer desk, specifically on the pull out keyboard drawer which is not in use.  But later on she decided that I was more comfortable and warm so she moved down to my lap.  That was still not warm enough, so she crawled behind me on my desk chair.  She promptly took over it in a way only cats can take over chairs, beds, pillows, and carpeting.

She’s certainly cute, but she isn’t my cat.  I miss my dog.

*I don’t know if this is spelt right and I’m not going to find out.

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