Blue Weather

At this very moment a great grandmother of a storm is headed my way.  What is being called typhoon Megi in the news started in the Philippines and is picking up strength as it prepares to assault the Bat Cave.  Unfortunately, I don’t have Alfred available to comment as I sent his lazy ass to prep the front door and nail down Robin with a tranquilizer dart.  That leaves me in my fortress of leathery bat wings alone.  No, I haven’t whipped out the naughty mags.  In fact, I received my first package from home.

The Cheerios box contained the following:

– 1 jar of condensed chicken stock

– 1 jar of condensed beef stock

– assorted ankle socks

– two long sleeve t-shirts*

– canned salmon

– a jump drive with some TV shows and blues music

All in all, I was hoping for Swedish twins, and this is almost as good.  You wouldn’t believe how much trouble it is to find canned food.  Thus far, the three Chinese supermarkets nearby all do not carry canned foods.  The foreign foods shop had Campbells at an enourmous price considering how much things generally cost around here.  But here I am, listening to the Blues while the wind ships around my dorm room.  The fan is racking back and forth disrupting my careful meditations, a whistling noise is getting in through somewhere in the bathroom, and I think the water tank on the building next to me is swaying.  The sunset is lighting up the sky like molten gold**, the air is rippling with excitement, and the water is is stirring with the fury of Megi.  Bring it.

*PS: Mum, do not wrap clothing around those jars in the future.  I couldn’t figure out how one of my shirts got yellow on the way over and I figured it out.  Those jars are not fully sealed by the looks of it ol’ thing.  One of the shirts is not looking so hot and I have it in the wash right now.

**This is actually very wrong.  Trees are not on fire, the air is not boiling, and my skin is not peeling from the heat. A better analogy would have been “not like molten gold”.

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