C3PO can take a flying leap

Thank you XKCD.  In other news, still no hot water.  Might be getting it installed tomorrow.  It’s pretty much turkey shoot, only replace the turkey with my sanity, and the gun with a Chinese junk.  Looks like I won’t be back in town till after New Years, my classes finish the week of the twentieth and I’m applying to have the exams to be moved to the week after that.  I really wanted to try and be back for New Years.  Alas.

Update: Friday evening and no plumber.  Looks like another weekend of cold showers and strinkage.  On the upside, I have yet to meet a dog in China that didn’t like me patting and scratching it.  Went to an outdoor market, a bazaar if you will, and got some veggies and ginger. Things could be much worse.  Also, there’s another foreign restaurant I learned about in town, The Red Garlic.  Going to have to try it sometime.

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