The Hot Water Conspiracy

I’ve been having cold showers since arriving on campus.  With the exceptions of Hong Kong, a couple showers at Mr. Ma’s, and one shower at a hot spring, I’ve been taking cold showers for about 6 weeks.  Yesterday, I discovered that I needn’t have taken all these cold showers twice a day.  The way it’s set up is that you put a card into this card reader in your bathroom.  It charges you a certain amount per minute for hot water, and you get hot water during certain hours when the building has the hot water turned on.

This makes a lot of sense considering there are 11000 students that all want hot showers and making it available during all hours of the day is a tremendous waste of energy and giving it to them for free would be against their better judgment.   I mean, really, free hot water? Why don’t we start letting get drinking water for free too?!  It’s not like want our students healthy for free or something.

So I got told that the card I use to buy food and things on campus needs a separate amount of money for hot water because apparently the people who manage this sort of thing don’t have enough to do.  And I went down there, showed the lady what someone wrote down for me to get this done, and she went off and did it.  And I just showered and it doesn’t work.

I guess I’m gonna have to return in force with heavy weapons, a small arsenal of explosives, and a team of highly trained monkey ninja’s to get my point across.  Or I can call a plumber for free and kick him in the shins until he does my bidding.  I’ll flip a coin.

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