The Hot Water Conspiracy

I’ve been having cold showers since arriving on campus.  With the exceptions of Hong Kong, a couple showers at Mr. Ma’s, and one shower at a hot spring, I’ve been taking cold showers for about 6 weeks.  Yesterday, I discovered that I needn’t have taken all these cold showers twice a day.  The way it’s set up is that you put a card into this card reader in your bathroom.  It charges you a certain amount per minute for hot water, and you get hot water during certain hours when the building has the hot water turned on.

This makes a lot of sense considering there are 11000 students that all want hot showers and making it available during all hours of the day is a tremendous waste of energy and giving it to them for free would be against their better judgment.   I mean, really, free hot water? Why don’t we start letting get drinking water for free too?!  It’s not like want our students healthy for free or something.

So I got told that the card I use to buy food and things on campus needs a separate amount of money for hot water because apparently the people who manage this sort of thing don’t have enough to do.  And I went down there, showed the lady what someone wrote down for me to get this done, and she went off and did it.  And I just showered and it doesn’t work.

I guess I’m gonna have to return in force with heavy weapons, a small arsenal of explosives, and a team of highly trained monkey ninja’s to get my point across.  Or I can call a plumber for free and kick him in the shins until he does my bidding.  I’ll flip a coin.

3 thoughts on “The Hot Water Conspiracy”

  1. Obvious there is much to be learn from the developed world. Even we see new development everywhere we go in China, good working order isn’t there yet. It will give so much patience after you learn how to handle the frustration dealing with inefficiency.

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