More Tales from the Crypt

I have mentioned before the secretary that is supposed to organize the schedules for the foreign teachers.  She has buggered things up on multiple occasions, but she has also got a lot of things right on an equal if not more number of occasions.  And today we have another meeting of stupid and bat-shit bonkers.  It all starts with National Day.

From what I understand, this is a holiday to celebrate the founding of the PRC, or at least it’s grass roots, and the government decided to give the people a week off from school, work, etc. insofar as government work and some private companies.  They are only required to have last Friday off, so some schools only had one day off, and others had the whole week.

At this particular school, someone decided that the week off is good, but that the students should have make up classes for the missed ones.  Last week Friday, no class.  Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, no class.  That’s seven days.  I don’t teach Wednesdays and Fridays.  So this would mean I have a whole week of classes to make up for at some point in the future.

Apparently, this is wrong.  This someone also decided that we have make days only for Friday, on the next Friday, and the Thursday on Saturday.  Why?  No one can fricking tell me.  This is apparently perfectly normal for any classes that happen to reside on Thursday to get an extra day of classes.  This makes NO SENSE.  Why make up for only one day?  They get extra? Am I supposed to make up a class lesson for only 6 of my 14 classes and say %#$%^ all to the rest of them?  The secretary couldn’t explain this, neither could the other teachers.  Apparently they always do this sort of thing around here.

But this is where it gets interesting.  Last week, the week where Friday was the first holiday, my schedule changed so that I don’t teach Fridays, and all my classes from Friday were moved to other days.  The secretary helped me change these classes, she was privy to the entire process.  What happens?  She schedules me to have make up classes yesterday for classes that were never missed.  I called her and told her this.  I had a student call and tell her this.  She didn’t believe me until I took her to the class room I was supposed to be teaching in and showed her how another teacher was already there teaching a make up class and none of my students had made a cute file outside the room.  She admitted her mistake and told me that I didn’t have any make up classes.

…until this morning.

Apparently I still have make up classes for classes that were never missed.  She said she sent me an updated schedule, which is the exact same schedule that she gave me that had me teaching Friday.  She never bothered to correct it so that I would think it was the correct schedule.  She calls me, waking me from my reverie of women, steaks, and Canadian beer, to find out I have a class waiting for me.  (#&%$*ing wonderful.  So now, I have to make up for the make up class that was never missed, and two make up classes this afternoon for classes that were never missed.  Maybe afterward they can show me to the cooler with the Coolaid everyone around here seems to be drinking.

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