Note to self

Learning to play the harmonica is harder than it looks.  It’s significantly more complicated than I thought.  Also, it really sucks right now that youtube is banned in China.  Half the videos that could help me can’t because of these unfortunately strict but very fair, just, lovely, superb, and incredible laws.  Also, also, I couldn’t find any American brands for music equipment, so that is another dent in the plan.

Correction: the youtube thing is kicking my ass so hard that it’s got my name on it’s boot.

Edited.  Thank you for the catch on my commentary.

5 thoughts on “Note to self”

  1. note to son…avoid the word commie especially if you put it in your blog on the internet. I do believe that China has sophisticated search engines that look for the word “commie” and if they find it in something posted by someone in the COUNTRY well let’s just say we seldom hear from them again.

    1. China scans everything that goes through their tubes unless they’re encrypted, not just by search engines. Just like how USA detects words like “bomb” from text messages, etc.

  2. What type of harmonica is it? I have a book I could scan for you. It’s meant for a Blues C harmonica, but you can probably still use it if you just adjust for the scale?

    1. I honestly have no idea. It’s a diatonic harmonica, and it does have a C on one end, I assume meaning it’s first hole it tuned for middle C. That would be great man

  3. Graeme……….just great dialogue…really enjoy your comments and the pictures are worth seeing…didn’t know that you had such a great command of the English language…but I guess that is why you are in China teaching English. Your meals look great and nourishing and should please your mum. Your comment re the Jones’ genes are spot on but the same genes will take you along way in the weird and wonderful world. We always think our offspring are so lucky to possess these because they will survive some unimagineable attacks. Just received an email from Dad telling us they are going to the Chu’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Lori and Mike are having their own and we are going Sheila’s home. Richards mum is going as well and everyone hopes she goes home and doesn’t spend the night so the meal is being served real early. Don’t know if you dad has told you but the B.C,. Govt. has instituted new drinking and driving laws that has every quaking in their boots. The penalties are so severe that the pubs and cafes are crying foul. The fines are really high and they confiscate your car and take away your license. In case your interested the weather forcasters are predicting a really cold winter here in B. C. and everyone, including us, are planning on going south. So you should consider yourself lucky and take advantage of that hot weather…..don’t know if we should keep our comments short but we do enjoy the Flying Welshman and want you to know that we love reading your remarks. Have a great thanksgiving and raise a cold beer in our honour…………………lots of love Nanna and POPS

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