Heat Wave

It has been crazy hot today.  And I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill, normal for Chinese, regular for the local climate, standard operating procedure for the upper atmosphere kind of weather.  This is sweating-from-places-that-shouldn’t-be-sweated-from kind of deal which has me a hair’s breadth from calling it here and now, putting on a red hat, and heading to Vegas.

It is so hot that is has me really pissed off.  Weather has made me unhappy.  It has made me displeased.  But genuine hatred and anger is definitely new.  I feel ridiculous getting mad at weather when the fault lies with my dad.  Oh yes, Dad, I have you to blame for this.  You and your  O-so-superior “Jones” genes being totally incapable of even thinking about trying to adjust to ambient temperature.  Sensitive my ass.

But what is more worrying is that this is the kind of weather that just barely preceeds a ridiculous downpour.  And for everyone back home, rain here can, in less than an hour, break records that take all day to even considering being uppity enough to break in Vancouver.  Just you all wait, a reckoning is coming.  Those Chinese girls next door who simply will not stop moving furniture in the middle of the night better pray my mood improves soon otherwise they’re gonna be considering a reenactment of The Great Escape to reach the apartment next door with my foot playing the part of an entire Panzer division.

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