English Corner

There is a clause in my contract which stipulates that I am required to help students and teachers with extra curricular activities,  such as a little something called “English Corner”.  Let me break it down:  a class is selected to run a weekly event on Sunday evenings called “English Corner” where they come up with games and events for the students of the English department and other students to practice their English and win prizes.  A couple students are appointed the the MCs and they co0ntrol and ebb and flow of the evening.  Us foreign teachers are supposed to show up and say something if we are asked, and help give things some ompf.  It goes on for an hour and a half, and some classes arrange music or sing-a-longs.

The last two weeks I’ve gone to this “English Corner’, and basically the students get the other students to do word association games and attempt to get them to talk with each other in English.  It’s a fun something for the students and gets them working together and trying new things.  It did bring something to the forefront.  No matter where in the world you are, young adult Chinese girls all giggle the laugh the same way.  They do it the same way in Canada, and they do it here.  Must be a cultural thing.

Also, I am getting pretty sick of noodles.  Never thought I’d dread eating noodles, but I’m getting pretty close.

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