And NO, it isn’t the Geiko gecko

In retrospect, I probably should have taken pictures of my first successful home made meals.  People have requested pictures and I took some pictures of other peoples food but not my own.  I blame sapient frying pans.  Anyways, I’ve made two successful meals.  The first was congee, with some sliced meat, cilantro, and peanuts.  The second was vegetable chow mein.  Both came out well and I will probably make them again.  Now, onto more interesting things: Pictures from across the great expanse!

This was the first meal I paid for.  Alright, there was one good thing about it: I wasn’t hungry afterward.  That isn’t to say it filled me.  What you are looking at is a massive pile of overcooked rice, some stir fried hot peppers, and some, what I hope was, pork.  It was a satisfying meal in the same way a thief is helping you move your TV.  I try my best to avoid the regular cafeteria and have thus discovered the other two places that food can be gotten from.  Next!

These are two meals from parts of the cafeteria that I have since learned are the superior restaurants.  The first came from the second floor noodle place.  Great soup noodles with lettuce and bbq pork.  The second was a piece of pork on vegetables and well made rice.  All in all, the first very first meal was 4.5 yuan, and the other two were 6.5 yuan.  It should be noted that at no point during the eating of any of these meals was I not sweating my man tits and giving off a general air of uncomfortable satisfaction.  I haven’t found a way to maintain my body temperature except in the presence of a fridge with beer.  I have probably bought more beer than any other food thus far.  Which is less than back home  but still more than my dietary staple.

That is a lizard(incase you thought it be a toaster oven or a nude poster of horse).  I woke up one morning to discover this inhabitant in my kitchen sink.   He’s a yellow brown colour, very small, probably not poisonous, and I have no earthly idea of how he got in my sink.  Why he’s there probably involves a combination of colonialist fortitude and deep seated hunger for the contents of my sink.  How he got there is a whole other question further vexed by the placement of my sink on the tenth floor.  However he got here, it was probably intrepid, daring, and really stupid.  I did let him out, and he promptly took a flying leap off the floor outside my front door into the wide open air of a ten story drop.  I’m really leaning towards the interpretation that he was impressing a female lizard with his bravery and then committed their equivalent of harakiri upon discovering he’d been manhandled by an ape.

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