“The Penalty Volcano”

For those of you who don’t know(big spoiler here) I play my fair share of video games.  Right now, because it lets me play with my friends back home and keep up with them, I am playing World of Warcraft.  The great addiction, scourge of my generation, the 6 year time sink, and many other epithets.  The game is enjoyable, I can play whenever I want, and I get some good laughs.  I can quit whenever I want.  And I regularly get a prostate examination too!

Now, my cousin Kevin and I had our accounts banned because of a a series of ridiculous events mostly involving my location in China and his location not in China.  And the end result is both our accounts closed because of “suspicious activity”.  So I log onto their website, and I look for a solution to the problem.  Apparently, at no time, did it EVER occur to Blizzard that suspicious activity may occur without something suspicious actually going on.  In fact, everything I found was involved with the account being hacked.  That catch all phrase on the internet that can just about anything.

Kevin was also looked on the website, coming to much the same conclusions.  But he also found something hilarious.  The Penalty Volcano.  Apparently the Blizzard PR department was working day and night to come up with this anology.  As your mistakes get worse and worse the penalty volcano gets closer and closer to EXPLODING!  Each level has a distinct color to show you just how bad things are getting.  And at the top of the page on which this is located, is a quote from Abraham Lincoln.  The great man himself who accomplished many great things in his time, his most reknown of course being, writing quotes for companies to put as headers for a hilarious analogy.

We didn’t believe Kev at first.   We thought he was making a joke.  Really, a volcano? This is some high class *&$%.  They had people on this day and night, and they came up with a natural formation filled with liquid hot magma.  Liquid Hot Penalty Magma.

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