Now Broadcasting From The Tenth Floor

So I said earlier that I had more to say and I have had specific questions about the dorm.  SO without further adieu I give you the Bat Cave*!

The dorm is about 15 – 18 feet square.  Possibly larger.  No tape measure.  The walls could use a serious paint job since someone had the bright idea to leave one of the doors open during a typhoon so one of the walls is covered in mud.  I’ve seen bigger kitchens, but at least it’s clean.  It came furnished, which was really lucky.  It does lack flavour.  But I can fix that as time goes on.  Most of the lights work, the TV works, the internet is obviously working, the AC unit works, the fan works, the doors open and close properly, but the bathroom is a new experience.

It is one room with no partition between the toilet and shower.  The shower is less than three feet from the toilet, and the drain is slightly behind the toilet.  I’m told this isn’t unusual, but for me this is really bloody odd.

Also, I am introducing a new segment for you all called “Graeme Eats”.  Since I can’t read the labels and a lot of the food is going to be an experiment I have decided to share with you the food I try.  Today we have a snack food of some description.  I am going to describe these foods and let your imagination take over.  Seems like more fun.

The bag is orange, about the size of a bag of crisps.  There is a happy cartoon fellow in suspenders on the cover, and some roughly circular food stuffs that remind me of glistening popcorn.  But more gold, and puffy.  The food requirements don’t tell me much, but the order of %’s is: 27, 6, 56, 20, 33.  It contains about 70g of this substance, and there is no English anywhere on the package.

I have opened the package.  I think they are bbq flavour rice puffs.  They are pretty small and pretty salty.  Not sure if I will buy them again, they seem like a possible replacement for crisps.  Trying them again, they might not be rice.  I’m not sure I want to know they might be instead…

*This isn’t A bat cave or THE bat cave, but it is my bat cave so Bruce Wayne can go take a flying leap.

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