It’s Raining in Shanghai

And Hong Kong.  And Taiwan.  And Guangzhou.  Pretty much it is raining everywhere since a typhoon spooled up and swept head first into Taiwan this week.  Finally arrived at the school and apparently I don’t look like a skirt chaser.  Hooray for me. This matters because  I also found out my schedule is 8 classes of about 45 minutes twice a week teaching between 25-50 students of which the overwhelming majority are women between the ages of 18-21.  And usually they only hire women past the age of regular sexual practice or couples.  So I am a unique oddity.  Gawd damn a lot has happened in the last couple days that it is going to take some time to write it all up.  But not to fret, I does gots something to entertain you.

This is the story of Superstore if it could sell liquor and it had a 2 drink minimum.

There is a grocery store in Xinhui, the city next door to Jiangmen, that has three floors, rooftop parking, escalators, and sells liquor.  Imagine if you expanded Superstore to be three times it’s normal size with each department equally expanded.  Add escalators that are moving ramps to get between floors.  The shopping carts have rubber wheels do that when the cart goes onto the escalator it can’t roll backwards or forwards.  The liquor department is nearly the size of your standard Government liquor store.  After you through the checkout, there are stores that sell brand names as you try to leave.  It is complete madness.  This is what all grocery stores hope to be when they grow up.

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