In Our Bedroom After the War

So, it’s the night before I leave and I don’t think I have ever been this nervous in my life.  There may have been a couple moments that come close involving women and school, but I think this out does them.  This entire week has been a series of dinners and meetings with everyone telling me what an experience this is going to be.  My friends and family ask how I’m feeling.  When people ask me how I’m feeling it’s usually because I:

1) ate something terrible and my stomach and bowels are playing musical chairs

2) look sick enough to cause them to question their vicinity to me

3) hurt myself by doing something stupid

4) am drunk

Never have I been asked about leaving home to go to a faraway place.  This a new feeling, and I don’t particularly like sharing my feelings.   And now I’m topping it off by posting on an online journal about my feelings.  That swooshing in the air must have been my man card flying away.  Goodbye everyone that I didn’t get to see and to everyone I did get to see.  Maybe in 8 months I will understand how lucky I really am.

Adios, I have a man card to catch.

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