Because man cannot live on Canada alone

So I have come to a startling conclusion.  Meaning that the conclusion may or may not be startling but I am startled and I don’t guarantee that you will or will not find it equally, less, or more startling if indeed it is startling.  I’m going to China.

I clued into this around 2:00 AM last night while I conveniently sleeping and enjoying a dream that may or may not have involved twins.  I woke up, rather startled as I started to think about this prospect in a manner that I had neglected for the past week and a half before.   There is going to be a country which is gaining 100% more Graeme Tegid Jones, and another country with is losing an equal amount of the same product.  This could have enourmous ramifications to both countries in ways I cannot predict.  Or, just maybe, however slim, nothing will change.  I’m going to fracking China.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I’m ready.  This is a big step.  I feel like I should make a smaller step first.  Maybe find a house in the woods and become a hermit.  Maybe get arrested for indecent exposure(which, if you know me, shouldn’t be all that difficult).  Or perhaps pie a prime minister in the face.  Instead, I’m moving to another country on fairly short notice, going to be taking a job teaching English, and be stranded in a country that doesn’t speak the same language as me.  Bad English is my first language, closely followed by Not-Quite-So-Bad English, and finally ending off with Canadian English.  I’m going to bloody China.

But!  I did find to a soothing conclusion to this startling conclusion that allowed me to return to sleep(regretfully not a sleep that included the content that it’s predecessor had).  This soothing conclusion came to me in the form of music lyrics(which disturbed me in the morning for entirely different reasons).

He said, “I left my home where the dead never rose
But the streets of gold I’ve yet to find
And at the end of the day all you can do is pray
Without hope well you might as well be blind, yeah be blind
Tomorrow comes a day too soon, tomorrow comes a day too soon”

-Tomorrow Comes a Day too Soon, Flogging Molly

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